This confidential submission system was created for our Casino customers, employees, business affiliates, suppliers, contractors, service providers, third parties, and anyone else who wishes to submit information. Use this confidential submission system to report potential crimes, potential fraudulent and/or suspicious activities, or to notify the Commission of possible unethical conduct.

What To Report

  • Unlawful acts such as theft, fraud, embezzlement, solicitation/acceptance of bribes or kickbacks, extortion, possession or sale of illegal substances, and counterfeiting.
  • Misrepresentation, falsifying documents, forgery.
  • Gaming related cheats or scams.
  • Conflict of interest or relationship with a third party who might benefit from a decision in which the staff member takes part; favoritism in the award of a contract to a third party.
  • Excessive waste, misuse, or abuse of CPN resources.

What Not To Report

  • Allegations of harassment, sexual harassment or abuse of authority (please contact Human Resources for the specific procedures in the CPN Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority required for the reporting of such allegations).
  • Matters relating to the performance of staff.

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