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The focus and goals of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Gaming Commission (CPNGC) are to regulate the gaming operations of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. The CPNGC ensures these operations are in compliance with the CPN Gaming Ordinance and Tribal Internal Control Standards, the National Indian Gaming Commission’s Minimum Internal Control Standards and the Indian Gaming Regulation Act, Johnson’s Act, Title 31 of the United States Code and the Tribal-State Compact.

The CPNGC is the tribe’s regulatory body that formulates and interprets policies relating to gaming on tribal land. It implements and enforces the established rules and regulations governing these operations, including issuance of gaming licenses for individual facilities, employees, and vendors.

In pursuance of this it conducts a comprehensive background check on all management and employees of the tribe’s gaming enterprises through the National Indian Gaming Commission.

The CPNGC also ensures accounting and cash controls remain in place and are regularly reviewed by both internal and external auditors.

It also requires gaming enterprises comply with all mandated security and surveillance standards, and should cause arise, conducts investigations of possible violations. If cause is found, the CPNGC may take appropriate enforcement action in accordance to the Tribal Gaming Ordinances.

The CPNGC is also a quasi-judicial body and conducts hearings to resolves patron disputes, appeals on licensing denial and revocations of CPN Gaming Licenses, and Expulsions.

The construction maintenance and operations of all designated gaming facilities are also overseen by the CPNGC to ensure they protect the environment, public health and safety.
In support of these goals, the CPNGC interacts with fellow regulatory and law enforcement agencies on a regular basis.

Mission Statement

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Gaming Commission (CPNGC) shall act to protect the assets of the tribe's gaming enterprises and regulate all forms of permissible and authorized gaming within the jurisdiction of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN). The CPNGC shall also act to promote and ensure integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the operation and administration of the tribe's gaming enterprises by ensuring adequate internal controls are in place and conformed to.

Job Opportunities

All CPN Gaming Commission Applicants must apply through http://www.FireLakeJobs.com

Contact Information

1549 Workforce Drive
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

Mailing Address
1601 Gordon Cooper Drive
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

Voice: (405) 878-4838 
FAX: (405) 275-1198

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National Indian Gaming Commission

Administrative Staff

Voice: (405) 878-4838 Fax: (405) 275-1198

Daniel LeClaire
Executive Director of the Gaming Commision
Email: dleclaire@cpngc.org

Rene Smith
Executive Assistant
Email: rsmith@cpngc.org

Julie Graham
Licensing Clerk
Email: julie.graham@cpngc.org


Voice: (405) 878-4838 Fax: (405) 275-1198

Brian Wolfe
Email: brian.wolfe@cpngc.org

Internal Audit Group

Voice: (405) 878-4838 Fax: (405) 275-1198

Kelli Toney
Email: ktoney@cpngc.org

Shawn Serena
Email: sserena@cpngc.org

Ellen Hogue
Email: ellen.hogue@cpngc.org

Correna Flores
Email: correna.flores@cpngc.org

Compliance Group

Jake White
Email: jacob.white@cpngc.org

Eric Deweber
Compliance Officer (GCHR)
Email: edeweber@cpngc.org

Casey Bray
Compliance Officer (FEC)
Email: cbray@cpngc.org

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Group

Voice: (405) 878-4838 Fax: (405) 275-1198

Leslie Masquas
Email: leslie.masquas@cpngc.org

Genia Crowley
Email: gcrowley@cpngc.org

Licensing Group

Voice: (405) 878-4838 Fax: (405) 275-1198

Teresa Smith
Email: tsmith@cpngc.org

Amanda Douglas
Licensing Agent
Email: adouglas@cpngc.org

Heather Fowler
Licensing Agent
Email: hfowler@cpngc.org

Tonya Pembrook
Licensing Agent
Email: tpembrook@cpngc.org

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